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Harmonergy.nl is a Dutch Foundation that supports people in Mozambique with regenerative agroforestry

(Harmonergy Infographic in Dutch)

A successful type of regenerative Agroforestry is Syntropic Farming


Regenerative Agroforestry is a natural way of food and raw material production. It improves the soil quality and goes a step further then sustainability.  It is a poly-crop planting system that is closer to nature’s original plan. Mono-crop planting systems in regular farming need more water, fertilizer and chemicals, this creates costs that makes small farmers dependent.

Syntropic Farming is designed by Ernst Götsch in Brazil. It mimics nature with ecological succession and stratification and respects it as an intelligent system. Yield and income can increase for the one who adapt to it.

The project area is between Maputo and the South African border. It is a small stretch of the 2400 kilometres long Mozambican coastline. People there live in close proximity to a Wild Life Park, where tourism and infrastructure are developing. Malaria is under control. An important part of the area is the ‘Maputo Elephant Park’. The Peace Park Foundation created a corridor there with the ‘Tembe Elephant Park’ in South Africa. In this area many forces play a role in relation to nature conservation, development, poverty reduction and the interest of people.

Copyright Peace Parcs Foundation
Map from Peace Parks Foundation.

The training location of Harmonergy is south of the lakes of Maputo Elephant Park

Onze locatie


A journey towards living in harmony with nature


Partners with: Recelio.org

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