Ingrid and Elsard:

In April 2016 we followed a course, Agroforestry & Syntropic Farming Philosophy,  in Northern Spain. The training was given by Ernst Götsch supported by two journalists,  Felipe Pasini and Dayana Andrade (winners of the film ‘Life in Syntropy’ at the COP21 in Paris). The last decad Dayana and Felipe are promoting the system that Ernst developed: Syntropic Farming. Ernst created out of 500 ha degraded land a nursery for a rain forest and a living! This changed the lives of us , because it means that there is a solution in agriculture for climate change. It can be transformed to large scale farming. This proves that you can feed the world with a healthy style of agriculture without, herbicides, pesticides and fertilizer and that we don’t need geopolitical manipulation that creates conflicts! We can create paradises!!


It was like finding the Vincent van Gogh of agriculture, with the difference that Ernst is still around.

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After this course we built up a network with passionated people. Builders of foodforests, students in agriculture (WUR Wageningen, HAS Highschool) from various countries and new style farmers in Germany, Holland Italy Spain, Portugal, Vietnam, Mozambique and Brazil.