Ingrid en Elsard: Dit hoofdstuk gaat over voorbereiding en het verkrijgen van kennis en realiteitszin als je boer wil worden in Afrika. Het is Engelstalig omdat wij een internationaal netwerk hebben van gepassioneerde mensen, waaronder  voedselbos-bouwers, buitenlandse studenten (WUR Wageningen, HAS Hogeschool Den Bosch) en duurzame boeren in Nederland, Italië, Spanje en Brazilië.”


In April 2016 we worked with a wonderful group of people who want to create a sustainable way of living in harmony with the world. We met on a course, Agroforestry & Syntropic Farming Philosophy,  in Northern Spain.

Roman and Kate from  invited Ernst Götsch and his family and two journalists  Felipe Pasini and Dayana Andrade  from Agenda Götsch. The last ten years Dayana and Felipe are promoting the system that Ernst Götsch developed.

(Picture made by Rui Nunes) Ernst, Felipe and Dayana

Felipe and Dayana have been doing and are still doing a great job, inspired by their belief in the Ernst Götsch’s success. What Ernst did was to create a nursery for a rain forest. Dayana and Felipe understood that this is very special. It was like finding Vincent van Gogh in agriculture, with the difference that Ernst is still around.

Traditional agriculture is dominated by people mainly interested in following the money to make a living applying non eco-friendly methods. Ernst’s system, however, allows people to grow and live in harmony with nature. It creates jobs, income and food in an ecosystem that is constructive – as opposed to destructive- and that is economically profitable! We recommend you watch the movies on:


Having seen the ‘Agenda Götsch’ movies about Syntropy, many people get the feeling that it is possible to green the dessert, that it is affordable to restore nature, and that you can grow food and forests on degraded soil. However, many of us don’t know where or how to start. Sitting behind a computer dreaming of a new paradise, most of us have long lost the connection with growing food the way our great-grandmothers and – fathers did. After understanding the main framework of this knowledge, we needed to make a good start. For this you need land, some good people and action. Learning by doing and supporting each other.  Because of lack of knowledge we need a better connection with people with the same mindset. We can answer each other’s questions, visit and help each other, working together and showing each other how to make a living so we can make the world a better place.

United People of Syntropy (UPOS)

One night in Olot I was lying awake thinking about how to connect and support each other, to go in the right direction. We needed a group or network of people: the United People of Syntropy or ‘UPOS’, with the abbreviation also containing the word ‘UP’ and the ‘POS’ from positive.

Ingrid and I also coined the word ‘Harmonergy’ – harmonised energy.

Looking into the meaning of ‘Syntropy’ brings us even closer to the direction we want to go in. Syntropy:

The force that seeks to achieve effective organizational behavior leading to a steady predictable state -or- as Ernst is saying: Instead of exploiting resources, let’s increase them, that’s Syntropy!



We met Matteo at the course and we visited him in June 2016 at lake Isseo.

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