Harmonergy was founded on 29 maart 2018,  KvK 71327371.

Harmonergy Infographic in Dutch.

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Accountnumber:  NL84 TRIO 0379422077     foto logo (2) 

ANBI-status since August 1, 2020, RSIN:  858671578

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The yearly figures in Dutch:

Jaarrekening 2019 /  jaarrekening-2020 pdf / jaarrekening-2021 pdf

Outlines from the policy plan in Dutch: beleidsplan 2020 – 2025

Remuneration policy: the board members do not receive remuneration for the work performed and no costs have been declared. 100% of the donations go to the goal of the foundation.

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The board exists out of 5 members:

– Chairman Pieter Warnars;
– Secretary Niels Sadelhoff;
– Treasurer Sef Maessen;
– Board member Ingrid de Souza;
– Board member Elsard de Boer.

  • Treasurer: Since the first of april 2020 Sef Maessen is treasurer of the foundation. Sef has experience in Zambia and Angola and he has accounting experience with foundations. Sef had been present in the Recommended background for a while.
  • Secretary: as of May 1, 2020 Niels Sadelhoff is secretary of the foundation. Niels has gained experience in the automotive industry in various countries. Niels can help think about smart tools if local farmers want to grow in sustainable agriculture.
  • Chairman: as of June 1, 2020, Pieter Warnars is the chairman of Pieter has an MNA background and works in the Artificial intelligence Industry. Pieter has a positive critical attitude about the interpretation and planning of the foundation’s objective, which is a great asset. In addition, Pieter grew up in South Africa and he has an image of the area where the Harmonergy project is running.

Ingrid de Souza and Elsard de Boer are the founders of Harmonergy Foundation.


After six years of preparing, the project is up and running with the help of the Mozambican company Harmonergy LDA with two workers and two trainees.

The year 2022 took time to arrange the right papers (visas and licenses). In between we build the accomodation for trainees and plant half a hectare of Agroforestry. We started having Interns for introduction weeks for candidates interested in the 2023 new farmers programs.

Projects fase 1:

  • Making Bee hives: Close to the Elephant Park the bee hives have a double function. Elephants are afraid of bees and with the right setup we can keep them away from the gardens
  • Fishfarming: Increasing self-sufficient activities reduces the pressure on nature.
  • Implementing Agroforestryprovides vegetables, fruit, nuts and lumber localy.

Building the network:  One World University/ ADPP (National education), IIAM (research institution for agriculture), Kosmoz in Maputo are the partieswith whom we build a sustainable netword to make community and agriculture projects succesful. We just started to build up contact with APA (ÁREA DE PROTECÇÃO AMBIENTAL DE MAPUTO) and ‘Biofund Mozambique’.

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1. The goal of the foundation according to the statutes:

– creating sustainable local projects in Mozambique,  to be named ‘fase 1’

– support sustainable agriculture, named Agroforestry, on small scale farms exclusively in Mozambique. The farms have a design of polyculture crops which reinforce and complement each other, resulting in a greater variety and a higher income, while the balance in nature and the area is strengthened or returns in the absence, to be named ‘phase 2’

–   the emergence of a growth model of small-scale sustainable agriculture, to be named ‘fase 3’.

2. The foundation tries to achieve its goal by: (articles of the Foundation in Dutch)

  • ‘fase 1’: vanaf 2018 de projecten voortgang bieden die vermeld staan op de website zoals bijenkasten bouwen , fish farming opzetten en proeftuinen aanleggen.
  • ‘fase 2’: vanaf begin 2020 wordt een lokaal geschikte kandidaat  in dienst genomen van de model boerderij, het Mozambikaanse bedrijf Harmonergy LDA. Deze kandidaat wordt binnen de boerderij opgeleid om binnen drie jaar een eigen policultuur landbouwbedrijf op te zetten. Netto inkomen van de stichting zal beschikbaar worden gesteld om van een kandidaat een zelfstandige boer  te maken. Deze formule herhaalt zich na drie jaar met nieuwe kandidaten bij het bedrijf Harmonergy LDA –en- de nieuwe boerderij, waardoor  ‘fase 3’ ontstaat.
  • ‘fase 3’: vanaf 2023 wordt er hoge prioriteit gegeven om ook de nieuwe boerderij te gebruiken als opleidingsboerderij voor de volgende kandidaat boeren. Hiermee creëert de stichting het begin van een groeimodel van kleinschalige duurzame landbouw.
  • Voorlichting aan onderwijsinstellingen om de kennis van duurzame policultuur landbouw, Agroforestry te verspreiden.


Instead of consuming land we change very poor soil into fertile soil and regenerate land for food production in a healthy way. Help us make this happen on a larger scale:

Bankaccount: Stichting Harmonergy te Groesbeek,  NL84TRIO0379422077